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Products for Balance

All products are non-acnegenic and custom blended for your personal skin type.

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Acne Correctives

Oily Skin Tonic
A tonic used ot help reduce excess oil, and to make the skin feel fresh and cool.

8 oz $21.00

Acne Facial Cleanser
A lotion cleanser for acne skin with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

8 oz $26.00

Balancing Moisture Cream
A light water-based moisturizer especially designed for acne skin. Helps replace moisture and balance the skin.

4 oz $26.00

Oil Free Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen SPF 30
This light sunblock is oil and PABA free. It has been formulated with a broad spectrum of sunscreens, which allows it to offer excellent protection from sun and photodamage. Continued use may help reduce the risk of skin cancer. Recommended for daily use.

4 oz $27.00

Conditioning Sealant Cream
A custom blended ceramide moisturizer. Non- acnegenic. Creamide is a natural ingredient that offers many benefits to the skin. It helps to hydrate and maintain moisture levels of the skin as well as reduce dry and flaky skin. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This highly enriched face cream is designed to moisturize, hydrate, and nourish all skin types to leave skin looking silky, young and radiant.

2 oz $27.00

Benzoyl Peroxide 10%
Used for treatment of moderate to severe acne.

4 oz $27.00 $22.00 September Monthly Special

Benzoyl Peroxide 10%, Sulfur 3%
Used for treatment of severe acne.

4 oz $27.00

Triage Bar
Sulfur, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin E for healing. A bar cleanser for treatment of acne.

4 oz $26.00

Glycolic Gel with Salicylic (Glycolic 10%, 15% Salicylic 2%)
A gel used for slow, mild exfoliation. It softens, renews, and hydrates all skin types. It also is great for mild acne. A great anti-age product. Smooths out fine lines, texture, large pores, uneven tones, dark spots, scarring, acne and blackheads.

10% 2 oz $35.00
15% 2 oz $35.00

Pumice Facial Cleanser
A lotion cleanser with 2.5 % Benzoyl Peroxide and polyethylene beads, designed for cleaning and exfoliating acne skin.

8 oz $26.00

Salicylic Cleanser
A clarifying and anti-bacterial cleanser.  Benefits of salicylic in a mild cleansing gel.

8 oz $26.00

Sulfur Mask (With Eucalyptus Oil)
A creamy, calming, cooling, anti-inflammatory clay mask (easy to remove) for oily acne skin.  Low in parabens so that there is no stinging sensation on the skin.  Bentonite and Kaolin are used to help absorb excess oils on the surface of the skin.  Sulfur helps to stimulate and heal.  Eucalyptus oil is used for mild stimulation and aroma.

4 oz $30.00
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